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Here you will find our original works, purchase a consultation with Rasa Mažionienė, or a book with the author’s personal best wishes.


Our history

I am very grateful to my children for honesty and contribution to the joint project of Laimės Kamertonas – an e-shop.

Here you will find unique works that were born during my personal transformation and were made by applying potential-revealing techniques.

"Each one of us has subtle feelings that only we ourselves understand. This is also called a personal relationship with God. Whoever finds a way to share these feelings with others, shall achieve happiness.”

- Rasa Mažionienė

Resonant paintings

For quite some time I have been seeing my feelings as colours, but just couldn’t find the opportunity to pursue the idea. And yet, having confronted myself with an honest question, what would lead me to a more fulfilled life, I told myself that it was time to revisit an old hobby. So today I’m glad that I can share with you my mood states expressed in colours, which I’m sure will enrich your sensual world in the same way that you enrich mine.

Since I have been applying the resonance method to high-vibrational objects and offering family constellation therapy for many years, the states reflected in these paintings are captured by integrating the aforementioned methods. This means that the works contain a transformational mechanism.


Fractal works

In the fractal drawing technique, the lines are drawn on a white sheet of paper with the eyes shut, and the resulting tangle of lines is coloured-in using pencils.

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