Makeup pouch/bag with a handle “Yellow Planet”


In the work Yellow Planet, you can see the play of yellow, grey, and blue colours. Yellow is the colour of information and intellect. It helps receive and master information. Blue is considered the colour of harmony and faithfulness. It encourages to strengthen one’s inner stability, independence, and the feeling of security. Grey symbolizes forthcoming changes and the ability to accept them.

This painting captures the state of opening up and freedom.

All of the fractal drawings were drawn on a white sheet of paper with eyes closed, using both hand simultaneously, and were coloured-in with pencils.


A multi-use pouch made from durable velour fabric. It is tender, light, soft, and machine washable. Composition: 100% polyester.

The pouch has a wide clip-on handle and a zipper.

Handle width: 5 cm. Adjustable length: 79-140 cm.

Size: 27 cm x 18 cm (10 cm bottom)

Velour fabric one-sided makeup pouch/bag. Black.


Veliūrinė, Medvilninė

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